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Olivine® - the salad bowl that delivers more


Olivine® press&dress® containers are made from up to 60% rPET, combining sustainability with high clarity that lets your food shine.

Make your drinks eventful with Solo® Event+®


We are excited to have added Solo® Event+® to our extensive portfolio of packaging solutions. These high quality, lightweight & economical tumblers & lids contain rPET (post-consumer recycled PET content) and are available in a family of sizes with a one lid fits all solution. PET is the most widely recycled material in Europe.

Showcase your favourite pies in our Diner-Pak™ containers this British Pie Week

Steak and ale, chicken and mushroom, lemon meringue or pecan - regardless of the type of pie your customers prefer, they can enjoy a savoury or dessert pie in our Diner-Pak™ containers.

Upgrade your menu with PET Cup Inserts this Veggie Month

Our PET Cup Inserts are a perfect fit for the Ultra Clear™ range of tumblers. Available in one or two compartments, PET Inserts allow you to get creative; hummus and carrots, falafel and mint yoghurt or salad with a dressing.

Solo® Souffles – Get creative with your sauces and sides

Our soufflé portion pots and lids are available in a wide variety of sizes and are perfect for showcasing dressings, sauces, dips and many more.

Keep healthy snacks with you in our DeliGourmet™ containers

What to do when you’re feeling peckish? Have a healthy snack and it doesn’t have to be boring for you to enjoy it. Our DeliGourmet֭™ containers are perfect for storing a variety of snacks; fruit, crackers, nuts or vegetables with a dip.

Extend your breakfast menu with our Grab n’ Go offerings


Many coffee shops offer porridge, granola and muesli as a choice of breakfast that you can grab on the go. Why not extend your menu by showcasing your favourite cereal with milk in our SoloServeTM with our PET cup insert or Ultra Clear TM tumblers with our dress lid.

Lock in freshness with ClearSeal™ hinged lid containers

To many of us, the New Year has started with a promise of healthy eating. Display your choice of superfoods in our ClearSeal™ hinged lid containers. These are available in four sizes (13.8oz-46oz) and are made of OPS (oriented polystyrene). 

New Year, New Start! Time to get your healthy eating patterns back on track

According to Footprint News, 73% of survey respondents among the FSM leaders (Foodservice Management) named healthier eating as a key trend.  55% of respondents mentioned meat free eating increasing from just 10% in 2017. 

Warm up this winter with our Dart® Diner-Pak™ Containers and Lids

Help keep warm this winter with Dart® Diner-Pak™